Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore – Updated Curriculum 2020

We have designed the Digital marketing course in such a way that, you will never regret doing the course. This course program is a mix of all the digital marketing modules, practices, Certifications, and skillset, which can make you a Full-stack digital marketer through Advanced digital marketing Practical sessions.We always update curriculum monthly to teach you with current trends.

Digital Marketing Course 1

Best Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore


As a Mission, we are trying to build the Best digital marketing course training program in we are on a mission to utilize the best outcome for our trainees by providing the right skills to take over a digital marketing career.We Tried to build the best digital marketing training curriculum here by understanding industry requirements and expert advice.In this process we had grown through thousands of job descriptions by digital marketing career provides and create the best training curriculum for you

Introduction to the Basics

• What is the digital marketing
• Why digital marketing better than traditional marketing
• Introduction to SEO
• Introduction to sem
• Introduction to social media
• Introduction to analytics
• Introduction to blogging

Keyword research in Digital Marketing

What are Keywords
Different types of keywords
How to find keywords
Google keyword planner
LSI keywords
Keyword difficulty
Keyword match types
How to use google trends to find keywords
Factors behind choosing keywords and Lot more

Domain Name and hosting

• What is a domain name
• Different types of Domain Name
• What are TLDs in domain
• The priority of keywords in the domain
• What are the Expired domain
• How to sell your domain and earn 10x profit
• How you can do business with a domain name
• What is hosting
• Who are the best hosting providers in India

Website Creation

• Website creation
• How to create a website
• How to create post and pages
• What are categories and tags
• Essential plugins for the website
• How to add menus, contact forms, etc
• Difference between a landing page and a website
• How you can make money from your website
• How to sell your website
• After this, you can start earning by doing a website for outside people

Seo On Page and Off page

• What is SEO
• history of SEO
• how the search engine works
• SEO on page
• What is on-page optimization
• How to write SEO friendly URLs
• How to write the search engine friendly title
• How to write descriptions which increase click-through rate
• How to optimize image alt tags to rank up in SERP
• How to do SEO for ppts and pdfs
• How to write Heading tags
• How to write Do follow and No follow tags
• What is Anchor link
• What is Robot.txt
• How to use internal and external links
• How to solve broken links
• How to maintain keyword density
• How to optimize your page speed
• How to write content according to the AIDA method
• And a Lot More…
SEO off-page
• What is Link Building
• What is Domain Authority and Page Authority
• What are backlinks
• How to Build Backlinks
• What is Broken link and How to Find It
• Directory submission
• Article submission
• Image submission
• Local search engine submission
• social networking
• social bookmarking
• image submission
• pdf submission
• video submission
• blog commenting
• podcast submission
• How to grab your competitors backlink

• Local SEO
• How to create a listing in google my business
• How to verify Your business in google
• How to create a website using google my business
• How to add more details to improve its search appearance
• How to add the keyword in google my business
• SEO algorithms
• Different Types of Algorithms
• How the Algorithm Works
• Where You can Follow Latest algorithm updates
• How to Get Rid Of Google Penalties

Google Webmaster

• How to submit your site to google
• How to create structured snippets
• How to tell google to fetch your content
• How to create a robot.txt file
• How to create sitemaps
• How to find crawl errors
• How to Find errors detected by Google on our site
• How to understand how users are finding us

Google Ads

• Campaigns
• Adgroups
• Keyword Match Types
• Ad copies
• Delivery optimization
• Bidding strategies
• Auction Insights
• Text advertising
• Display Advertising
• Video Advertising
• Universal app Marketing
• Shopping Advertising
• Remarketing
• Google certifications can be gained after the program

Introduction to Social media

• Social media marketing
• Introduction to social media
• power of social media
• metrics in social media
• Tools in social media


• Facebook Profile optimization, security, and tricks
• How to build facebook groups
• How to create a facebook page
• How to create Facebook Events
• Trick to create a 1000 follower facebook page based on your profile
• How to start optimizing your Facebook page
• How to promote your Facebook page
• Facebook audience insights
• Facebook pixels
• How to run Awareness Ads
• How to Run Remarketing Ads
• How to Run Consideration Ads
• How to run Lead Generation Ads
• How to Run Messenger Ads
• What are Messenger Bots
• How to Create automated Messaging on Facebook


• Whatis twitter
• Twitter advanced search
• metrics in twitter
• tools in twitter
• direct messaging in Twitter
• retweet in twitter
• hashtags on twitter
• how to gain followers on twitter
• and a lot more


• Why Instagram so popular
• how to optimize Instagram business account
• how to find hashtags for Instagram
• how to use advanced techniques in Instagram to become an influencer


• How to Make you are Linked in a profile optimized
• How to find jobs in Linked in
• how to create a Linked-in page
• how to advertise on Linked in
• importance of direct messaging in Linked in
• Linked in best advertising practices


• Power of youtube
• How to do SEO for videos
• how to use creative studio features
• Playlists, channels importance
• how to monetize for google AdSense
• how to input your brand logos in youtube
• verifying your website in youtube
• Youtube Advertising
• Youtube Analytics

E-mail Marketing

• How to write Email Titles
• How to Plan for Email sequence
• What are triggers in Email
• How to grab emails
• How to maintain a Subscriber List
• tools in email marketing

Google Analytics

• What is Google Analytics
• metrics in google analytics
• Filters in Google analytics
• integrating analytics with search console and AdWords
• Creating Goals and Filters In Analytics
• How to use analytics data to improve our Overall Performance

Affiliate marketing

• importance of affiliate marketing
• different networks in affiliate marketing
• how to build a niche site in affiliate marketing
• different payment methods in affiliate marketing
• how business benefits
• super and sub-affiliate programs
• what are cookies in affiliate marketing
• how to make money out of affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing

• Influencer marketing
• What is influencer marketing
• What is its importance in digital marketing
• How to Find Influencers
• How much Influencers earn
• Case study of Influencer Marketers

Content Creation

• Content creation
• what is mind mapping
• how to create content that sells
• how to create contents for different medias
• what is the AIDA method in Content Writing
• How to find the most sharable content
• How to grab content ideas from competitor

Case study of our students who Achieved Success than a job after Digital Marketing Course Training

• It’s not small but we feel proud about sharing these great insights and the track they made to achieve that.
• The student who made a successful YouTube channel
• The student who increased 4x value in Google Adsense
• Students who started their own agency
• Students who increased their business by 10x in revenue

Image & Video Creation Tools

• Canva
• Lumen 5
• Snappa
• Quik
• Biteable
• Powtoon
• Animaker
• In short
• and a lot more

Digital Marketing Course learning Process

• Creating a .com website
• Installing the required tools and plugins
• Analyzing competitor niche and create content
• Optimizing your content SEO friendly
• Creating business pages for your website
• Submit to the search engine so Google knows about your site
• Adding social media pages and sharing buttons on your website
• Adding affiliate links on your website according to the Niche you selected
• Installing remarketing tags for your website for all paid media advertising
• Building backlinks for your website to increase visibility
• Creating a contact form for email marketing
• Doing paid advertising if you wish to engage customers fast
• Analyzing site on regular intervals
• Become A Digital Marketing Specialist
You can show yourself as a digital marketer who practically implemented after the course.By showing this project during Course.

Careers in Digital Marketing after Digital Marketing Training Course

• Digital Marketing Manager
• Digital Marketing Specialist
• Digital Marketing Intern
• SEO Executive
• PPC Executive/Expert
• Content Marketing Manager
• Content Writers
• Inbound Marketing Manager
• Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
• SEO Executives
• Email Marketer
• Conversion Rate Optimizer
• Copy Writers

Certifications in Digital Marketing Training

• Google fundamental certification
• Google Search Certification
• Google Display Certification
• Google Analytics Certification
• Hubspot Certification
• Semrush Certifications
• Institute Certification

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