Graphic Design Course

Our Graphic Design course includes step by step instructions, Classroom Exercises and Discussions for customizing the program to work in the way you want.

Graphic Design Course Description :

• Graphic Design is the pictorial representation of concepts to make it more understandable. The common examples are signboards that we come across on a daily basis. Presentations are also an example of Graphic Design. From creating Infographics to making Posters, and Logos, Graphic Design has now become a vital one in every industry.
• Our Graphic Design course includes step by step instructions, Classroom Exercises and Discussions for customizing the program to work in the way you want.
• Creating a new document from scratch for Print and Web, Understanding Navigation and Measurement systems, Understanding and working with layers and layer styles to add reality, Using Selection Tools, Drawing shapes creatively and getting Creative with type.
• Along with the Graphic Design Program, We have an Additional Session on what you can do further once you complete the program. We offer Placement assistance. We also guide you to do Freelancing. In this add-on session, We will be covering topics related to marketing like How you can promote yourself online as a Graphic Designer and how to maintain an online reputation among clients.

Who Should Attend?

• Photographers
• Graphic Designer (web & print)
• Anyone who wants to gain extensive knowledge in Graphic design
• Anyone who wants a career in graphic design.

Software Covered

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator

General Topics

• Fundamentals of design
• Concepts of Graphics & Illustration
• Digital image editing Techniques
• Introduction to design style & vector graphics
• Understanding the design requirements.
• Understanding the target audience.
• Ideate, Research, and visual exploration
• Typography
• Interactive design
• Portfolio preparation
• Approaching Freelance Projects
• Client Management

Software Based Topics

• Understanding the fundamental roles of Photoshop.
• Introduction & Understanding the workspace
• Creating custom workspace
• Understanding and working with layers.
• Working with selection tools.
• Drawing shapes creatively.
• Create, edit and format text and paragraphs.
• Image size & resolution settings
• Color management
• Moving, locking & linking layers
• Merging & Flattening
• Raster VS Vectors
• Applying color fills & Stroke
• Blending options,Contour & Lens effects
• Creating depth effects
• Linking text to objects
• Increasing efficiency with keyboard shortcuts.
• Place multiple images in a document.
• Exporting Files in Various formats (PDF, PSD, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc..)
Our Classroom Exercises include Working with Posters, Logo, Magazine cover, Flyers & Brochures, etc..

Learning Outcome

• On successful completion of the Graphic Design course, You will be certified from the Institute
• Understanding Color Theory and how to apply it.
• Knowledge of designing a logo, a poster, a brochure, etc.. from concept to completion and how to use the basic concepts of design for advertising purposes.
• Produce a portfolio of work that meets employer and marketplace expectations.

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