Let us dwell more into the digital marketing industry. Let us see if we know much about this industry to proceed further with the article. Well, everyone must be aware of what digital marketing is. It is a marketing technique that is used to promote the products and business online. This is a way to advertise products to people active over the internet. You can expand your business online with the services and offers that you provide and increase your customer base. Let us now understand the scope of digital marketing in India. You need to read the entire article to know all about it.

Traditionally people used radio to advertise their products. Then came the marketing using newspapers and television. Currently, these ways of product marketing are also popular. However, digital marketing brought a boom in the marketing industry. It is now globally accepted, and mass companies reach people quickly with a click. This is the era of Internet Marketing, also called Digital Marketing.

In this article, we will discuss further the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing and see what the career options in it are. So, stay tuned.

Why companies use digital marketing? Current statistics of Digital marketing in India:

More than 70% of the world population uses the internet today. This statistics is increasing day by day. In the ’90s, there were as low as 1% of the world population who used the internet. This is a drastic upgradation. We can clearly understand from this that more people are engaged over the internet today. Everyone is using the internet to surf for any item or service. That is why the scope of Digital Marketing is humongous. India has passed the US in terms of the most significant number of internet users. People globally are targeting the Indian market for selling their products and services since India happens to be one of the largest markets for any company.

After the advent of smartphones, billions of users have switched from their usual old phones to  smartphones. Today, more than 5 billion people have smartphones that give easy access to the Internet. This allows the customers to connect to your business anytime and anywhere. It is the dominant technique for expanding your user base rapidly.

In the next few years, India will have even more users connected to the internet. Therefore, the scope of the Internet or digital marketing will also rise steeply.

Digital vs Traditional, Which one is better?

As a business group, you have to finalise your marketing techniques. Which kind of marketing is suitable for you depends upon your budget and niche of your company. Many businesses struggle to stretch both their traditional and digital marketing to the apex. But, it is essential to see which marketing technique is working better for you and pull the funding in that.

The traditional marketing techniques were putting ads of the company in newspapers, radios, television and billboards. At an even earlier phase of marketing, there were flyers which were placed inside your mailbox. But when a company invests in building its website and starts its marketing over the internet, this technique is called Digital marketing. There are several social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube where you can out up your ads. You need to invest a lot for that. This is the technique adopted by almost every company predominantly today. The strategy looks sophisticated, but it is quite simple for people who have skills in it.
Building a website doesn’t mean you have to approach your customers globally. You can target your local market and local audiences using your website. A radio or television ads may play at any specific areas that hear and watch radio and television respectively. But, when you use digital marketing tools, your company reaches to people of the whole state, country or continents. The digital marketing technique is easier to understand and learn. If you are interested to learn its skills, then follow tutorials and articles online. You can watch YouTube videos to learn about the techniques quite easily.
Digital marketing is preferred over traditional forms of marketing because it reaches to more number of people in a short period. Digital Marketing has a massive scope in Online Business.

Importance of Digital Marketing Skills:

Having Digital marketing skills will help you extensively if you are looking forward to a career in content developing or starting your own company. There are several other career benefits associated with learning Digital marketing skills. Using Digital marketing skills, you can:

Fill up your Digital Skills Gap:

There is a huge demand for digital skills today. When people take up ongoing pieces of training for digital skills, they start to build a good option for a lot of job opportunity in various firms. After gaining good experience, you can become a tech geek, which is a perfect thing.

Increase your Versatility:

If you want to switch to this field, initially you don’t require pivoting your career in this. First of all, you have to make a functional specialisation in this area. Then, you can go for learning the tools and techniques that will train you for different skills in different ways.

Work with Different People Every Day:

You will find it amusing when you build your team and start working with them. It will be an exciting journey for you. There is something new to learn always in this field as it is a dynamic area. You can expand your audience base and engage new people in different specialities. It will enhance your business and social support enormously. You can stay behind the curtains that do magic on the web.

Evolve as the Industry is Always Evolving

This is a dynamic industry that keeps evolving with new advancements and tools introduced. It is always a fun thing to work with specialists and tech geeks. You can learn and follow them for learning several marketing strategies. You can then take the lead on the initiatives and work alongside your professionals to make your website robust.

Get a Good Deal of Earnings:

Jobs in Digital marketing are always in demand. There is scope for evolving due to the dynamism of this field. You can hike up a lot in your career and remunerate your business skills. This will give a lot of jobs for you to get more people engaged. It will expand your team and get you a higher bid of profit. It is a great way to earn high. You can make it your part-time or full-time career option. You can also join the creative group and develop new content for the business end. If you have your business, hire a group of content writer and start working on the SEO optimised articles that will help to rank your page up in the Google search engine. You can earn relatively high as an SEO specialist.

Be Creative:

There is plenty of opportunities here in the Digital Market. When you are creative, you can figure out a whole lot of new ways by using your creativity. You can use your creative skills and build your website robustly. Start using your writing skills using SEO optimised techniques to enhance the product marketing of your site. SEO plays a pivotal role in that. You can even start designing your videos and audios that will solve the product and service queries regarding your company. Use your experience of creative writing in blogging and advertising in the internet market.

Train at Your Own Pace:

You can learn digital marketing skills by sitting at your home. There is no need to visit anywhere to take training. You can learn from online videos and articles about this area. Even, the details related to the tools and techniques are special online. Online is the best platform where you can get the best training. You can practise your skills and sharpen them by getting any part-time or full-time job in any firm. You can also work at home with a specialised team to increase the customer base of a company. There is no need for spending hours working online. But, a few hours will give you the best outputs. All you need to know is the right technique. So, get started today if you are interested.

The scope of Digital marketing and career opportunities in Digital marketing industry:

Digital marketing opens a lot of options for business people and creative people. There are so many options to follow and choose as a career option. You can take up a part-time career or a full-time career in digital marketing. If you want to create your business, you can bring popularity to your market by exclusively working on its digital marketing. If you’re going to have a career in management, you can start learning various digital marketing skills. There is plenty of room for tech Giants in digital marketing as well.

This field is dynamic, and it keeps evolving with technological advancements.  There is always scope to lear new tools and techniques and explore here. It is fun working here. You can build your team and work in a company where you will never be bored. You will get to earn well and have a great deal of experience as well. This is probably what people do.

Apart from these options, there are various other ways where you can consider digital marketing for your career. With digital marketing you can:

1. Start your Blogging Profession:

Digital marketing has a vast scope for content writers, developers and bloggers. If you want to make a career choice in digital marketing, you need to start blogging for companies who need product marketing. You can blog for them advertising your products and services. You can choose it as a part-time job or a full-time job. With hard work, you can also rise in this industry. Generate your income from blogging and developing content for various websites. Learn SEO optimisation for a hike in your career. Learn and use different writing strategies that will scale the website up in the search engine used by Google.

2. Build your own Marketing Website:

Start your personal blogging or product management website in a specific niche of your interest. You need to devote time and hard work initially for the making up of the website. But, once it starts running, you will begin to get viewers and build traffic over it. It is a small business and marketing technique that can get you a decent income.

3. Start Freelancing Services:

Freelancing is the concept of offering your services to clients as a part-time basis by sitting at your home or anywhere. It just needs a few clicks, and everything is settled at your home. Build your clients globally using online websites that support your website, just like freelancer.com. Then, you can start offering freelancing services.

4. Start your own company:

You can start your own company using your resources and contacts. If you have enough experience and you think you should utilise your energy to market your business globally or even locally, you need to start using Digital marketing techniques. You can build and manage your products and services for your potential customers effectively by using Digital marketing tools.

We hope you got all the specific details related to the Digital Marketing industry. Share this article which will help others to know more about this field. There is a considerable career scope here, and people need to identify that. Currently, there is a huge demand here as this industry is evolving tremendously. If you need to learn about this field, we will recommend you to visit Sketchcareer training institute. It will train you in essential areas through their Digital marketing course. There are various certification courses and good faculties for the training. Sketchcareer will also offer you placement assistance after you complete the training. If you are interested to learn a lot about this field, you can start with Sketchcareer.

Digital Marketing will keep evolving endlessly with the advancement in technology. So, you will always have a scope to do and try new things. We hope you found this article helpful for learning about this industry.


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