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Certainly! Here are job openings with job descriptions for various profiles at SketchCareer, both full-time and part-time positions:

Photography Trainer (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Job Description: We are seeking an experienced and passionate Photography Trainer to lead our photography courses. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in photography, excellent communication skills, and the ability to mentor and inspire students. Responsibilities include designing course curriculum, conducting practical sessions, and providing constructive feedback to students.

Videography Trainer (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Job Description: We are looking for a dedicated Videography Trainer to teach and guide students in our videography courses. The role involves instructing on camera operation, shooting techniques, and video editing. The candidate should have videography expertise, good communication skills, and a passion for teaching.

Influencers (Part-Time)

Job Description: If you’re a social media influencer with a knack for photography, videography, or multimedia, we want to collaborate with you! As an Influencer, you’ll work with us on creative projects, share your skills and experiences, and help promote our courses to a wider audience. This is a part-time, flexible position for individuals with a strong online presence.

Makeup Artist (Part-Time)

Job Description: We are looking for talented and experienced Makeup Artists to collaborate with our photography and videography courses. Your role will involve preparing models and subjects for shoots, enhancing their appearance to suit various themes and styles. This is a part-time position for specific projects.

Acting and Modeling Trainer (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Job Description: We are hiring an Acting and Modeling Trainer to lead our acting and modeling courses. The candidate should have a background in theater, film, or modeling, along with teaching experience. Responsibilities include conducting acting workshops, teaching runway techniques, and helping students develop their skills and portfolios.

Admin (Full-Time)

Job Description: As an Admin at SketchCareer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our institute. Responsibilities include managing schedules, coordinating courses, handling inquiries, and providing administrative support to instructors and students. The candidate should be organized, efficient, and customer-oriented.

Telecallers (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Job Description: We are hiring Telecallers to assist in student enrollment and outreach. This role involves making calls to potential students, providing information about our courses, and addressing inquiries. Strong communication and persuasive skills are essential. Both full-time and part-time positions are available.

Multimedia Faculty (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Job Description: We are seeking a Multimedia Faculty member to teach a range of multimedia production courses. The candidate should have expertise in multimedia design, video editing, animation, and related fields. Responsibilities include designing curriculum, conducting classes, and mentoring students in multimedia projects.

Please note that positions are open for both full-time and part-time roles, and the specific requirements and qualifications may vary for each position. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply and specify whether they are seeking full-time or part-time roles.