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Professional Photography and Videography Course

Professional Photography and Videography Course

bout The Course:

Doesn’t it feel Nostalgic when we think that one Photography Studio in our locality that comes to shoot on all occasions no matter what genre it is? It was a big deal back then. Currently, there are a lot of different categories such as Portraits, Fashion, Wedding, Street, Commercials, and so on…. Photography has now developed to an entirely new level and there is a specific photographer for each genre. So from the outside, it seems like the industry is saturated. But in reality, Opportunities are a lot! You should be ready to face the crowd, understand the market, and create a signature style of yours. Then it is a sure shot success! That is where we, at Swathy Photography/ Sketch Career help you out. With our full-on practical sessions, Learning Photography is going to be a very interesting one. We guide you through every process. With our guidance & most importantly, with your practice, you can definitely achieve your goal of becoming a professional photographer. This course is crafted with what a photographer needs to feel complete in his/her career. When you get into the field, Photography also requires knowledge in Photo Retouching, Videography & Video Editing. This 6-month power-packed course is a complete package of everything and this is a one-stop solution to take your creative step into the profession of your dreams.


Course Duration: 6 Months


Course Content:

  • Difference between Full Frame, Crop Sensor & Mirrorless cameras
  • Shutter Speed
  • Long Exposure & Light Painting Photography
  • Aperture & ISO
  • White Balance
  • Framing & Composition
  • Focus Modes
  • Camera Settings
  • Kit Requirements 
  •  Studio Lighting Techniques
  • Outdoor Lighting
  •  Indoor Fashion Shoot 
  •  Introduction to Photoshop interface
  • Types of images formats
  • RAW processing & JPEG Editing
  • Layers & Layer Masking
  • Content Aware & Clone Stamp Tool 
  • Pimple Removal & Skin Smoothening
  • Sharpening the image
  • Frequency Separation 
  • Dodge and Burn Techniques 
  • Colour Grading 
  • Background Removal
  • Album Designing
  • Batch Processing in Adobe Lightroom. 
  • Introduction to Cinematography
  • Types of Shots, Camera Angles
  • Manual Focusing
  • Usage of Slider 
  • How to shoot Reels for Instagram
  • Stop Motion Video
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Tricky Shots Video
  • Green Screen Video
  • Product Promotional Video
  • Gimbal Handling & Movement
  • Short Film Making
  • Introduction to Software
  • Tools & Icons
  • Types of Cuts & Editing Techniques
  • Motion Graphics (Using Keyframes)
  • Video Transitions
  • Tittle Effects
  • Masking (Basic & Advanced) 
  • Green Screen Removal
  • Colour Grading & Colour Correction
  • Audio Editing in Premiere Pro
  • Audio Editing in Adobe Audition
  • Multi Exposure Photography
  • Levitation Photography 
  • Splash Photography  
  • Colour Theory
  • Flat Lay Photography 
  • E Commerce Photography  
  • High Key & Low Key Photography
  • Product Photography 
  • Food Photography 
  • Jewellery Photography
  • Wedding Photography (Theory)
  • Fashion Photography Theory
  • Outdoor Fashion Shoot 

Software Covered:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Careers after Learning Photography and Videography Course

After completing a photography and videography course, you open up a wide range of career opportunities in the creative and visual media industry. Here are some potential career paths:

  1. Photographer: You can work as a professional photographer specializing in various niches like portrait, landscape, wedding, fashion, wildlife, product, or event photography. Many photographers are self-employed and run their own photography businesses.
  2. Videographer: As a videographer, you can create video content for a diverse range of purposes, including documentaries, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, and more. You can work for production companies, advertising agencies, or as a freelance videographer.
  3. Photo and Video Editor: Editing is a crucial part of the post-production process. You can become a photo or video editor, enhancing and retouching images or editing and post-producing video footage. This role is in high demand in various media-related industries.
  4. Cinematographer: A cinematographer, also known as a director of photography (DoP), is responsible for the visual aspects of film and video production. You work closely with directors to create the desired look and feel of a project.
  5. Content Creator or Influencer: With the rise of social media platforms and content creation, you can become a content creator, producing photography and videography content for your own channels or as a social media influencer. This path can lead to brand collaborations and monetization opportunities.
  6. Photojournalist: Photojournalists capture news events and tell stories through their images. They often work for newspapers, magazines, or online news outlets, covering a wide range of events and issues.
  7. Wedding and Event Photographer/Videographer: Specializing in capturing weddings and events is a lucrative niche within the industry. You document special occasions and create lasting memories for clients.
  8. Educator or Instructor: If you have a passion for teaching, you can become an educator or instructor, sharing your knowledge with aspiring photographers and videographers. This can include teaching at schools, universities, or offering workshops and online courses.
  9. Studio Owner: You can establish your photography or videography studio, providing services to clients and creating a space for your creative work. Studio owners often collaborate with other professionals, such as makeup artists and stylists.
  10. Photo and Video Equipment Sales and Rental: Working in sales and rental of photography and videography equipment is another option. You can assist other photographers and videographers by providing access to a wide range of gear.
  11. Advertising and Marketing: Photography and videography skills are highly sought after in the advertising and marketing industry. You can work as a creative director, art director, or content producer, creating visually compelling campaigns.

These are just a few of the many career paths available in the field of photography and videography. The choice of career depends on your interests, skills, and the specific niche you want to pursue within the industry.

Why to Join Sketchcareer ?

Certainly! Here’s a detailed note outlining the compelling reasons to join SketchCareer, the first professional photography institute in Bangalore, which is highly rated and the only institute in the city offering professional photography and videography courses together:

Unlock Your Creative Potential with SketchCareer – Your Gateway to Visual Excellence

Are you passionate about photography, videography, and multimedia, and eager to take your skills to the next level? Look no further than SketchCareer, the pioneering and top-rated institute for visual arts education in Bangalore. With a myriad of accolades and a unique blend of professional photography and videography courses, SketchCareer is your ultimate destination for creative growth. Here’s why you should join us:

  1. Pioneer Professional Photography Institute in Bangalore: SketchCareer holds the distinction of being the Pioneer professional photography institute in Bangalore. This means you’ll have access to the pioneering institution that laid the foundation for high-quality visual arts education in the city.
  2. Highly Rated on Multiple Platforms: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our top ratings on platforms such as Justdial, Sulekha, Google, UrbanPro, and more. We’ve earned the trust and admiration of our students, proving the quality of our courses and the success of our alumni.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: SketchCareer offers an extensive range of courses that cater to beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re interested in photography, videography, or multimedia, our diverse curriculum ensures you find the perfect program to match your interests and aspirations.
  4. Professional Photography and Videography Together: We are the only institute in Bangalore that provides professional photography and videography courses under one roof. This unique combination allows you to diversify your skills and expertise, preparing you for a multi-dimensional career in the visual arts industry.
  5. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our facility, conveniently located near Forum Mall in Koramangala, is equipped with the latest photography and videography gear. You’ll have access to cutting-edge tools and technology to hone your practical skills.
  6. Expert Instructors: At SketchCareer, our instructors are industry experts with a wealth of experience in photography, videography, and multimedia. They bring a dynamic and practical approach to teaching, ensuring you learn the most relevant and current techniques.
  7. Personalized Guidance: We recognize that every creative journey is unique. That’s why our instructors provide individualized attention, helping you explore your strengths and work on areas of improvement to realize your full potential.
  8. Path to Career Advancement: Whether your goal is to turn your passion into a fulfilling career or enhance your existing skills, SketchCareer’s courses provide a strong foundation. You’ll be well-prepared to embark on a successful career in the dynamic world of photography, videography, and multimedia.
  9. Community of Creatives: By joining SketchCareer, you become part of a vibrant community of artists, photographers, videographers, and multimedia enthusiasts. This network provides opportunities for collaboration, networking, and lifelong learning.
  10. Inspiration and Innovation: SketchCareer thrives on staying at the forefront of innovation in photography and videography. Our dynamic courses adapt to the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring you remain inspired and informed about the ever-evolving world of visual arts.

Embark on your journey of creative exploration and excellence with SketchCareer, where we nurture your talent, empower your skills, and provide you with the tools to share your unique vision with the world. Join us today and become part of a legacy that has set the standard for professional photography and videography education in Bangalore.

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