1 month course,  Photography Courses

Photography Course


We are into professional photography programme, duration of 1 month

Course outline (Topics covered)

We will be train the students from the basics
How to hold a camera the right way
Basic introduction how a camera works
We will be explaining each and every function buttons on the camera
We will train the students to click photos using full manual mode
How to take inspiration from movies and how to implement them in our photographs
We will train the students to freeze fast moving subjects
Framing and composition techniques
Studio lighting techniques
Cinematic lighting techniques
Posing techniques
Import ants of digital marketing

Advanced terms

Differences between a APS-C camera and a full frame camera
We will be explaining the power of pre visualization (mood board creation)
We will train the student to achieve right exposure in one click using exposure level bar
How to achieve background blur effect like in candid photographs using depth of field
We will train the students to freeze fast moving subjects using
af – area modes
Has a professional photographer what are the equipment’s to be carried in their kit
Posing techniques (how to pose a model)

Portfolio topics

Long exposure photography
Depth of field
News picture
Nature photography (landscape photography)
Colour theory
Fashion portfolio
Before & After (Photo editing)
Own topic

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