Photo retouching course

After the successful completion of the course the students can join with any leading Photography team or company as a Photo Editor. Even Production companies who takes Photography as the service also hire people with retouching skill. Moreover, retouching is an advanced and an essential skill for any Photographer.


Course Outline: Duration: 1 month

 Software Tools & Panels
 Selection techniques
 Advanced Masking & Manipulations
 Skin Healing Techniques
 Hair Repair & Enhancing
 Color Calibration & Color Enhancement
 Skin Softening
 Advanced Skin Smoothening Techniques
 Album Designing techniques

Software Used:

 Adobe Photoshop CC 2021/ 2021
 Lightroom CC 2020/2021
Final Projects:
 Editing 10 Raw images using complete retouching technique
 Group Portrait masking
 Landscape masking project
 Repairing damaged old photo
 One page album designing

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